Sunday, March 02, 2008

What a week!

Endeavour sits on the pad awaiting a launch on March 11th and the crew is ready! Launch is set for 2:28am

I've been quite busy as the work is starting to roll in from Atlantis returning. I've also been working some of the issues related to the in-flight anomalies we had. For example, we have to do some testing on the blanket that lifted up in the corner and assess the situation. Certain issues had to be cleared before we could say Endeavor was ok to fly.

I start scuba diving classes this week!!!! Tonight I have to read a couple of chapters in the book and complete the tests at the end of the chapter. I am very excited for scuba and I have all my gear ready. I'm new to scuba and was so excited when my instructor said we'd be able to see ship wrecks on our open water dives. That's too AWESOME!

I took a day off of work on Friday because I had the GRE test on Saturday. On Friday, a prototype of the Orion heat shield was actually at Kennedy Space Center! I had a co-worker take a snap shot of the heat shield. Here's a good site that gives a quick overview:

Now that I have completed my GRE tests, I plan on filling out graduate school applications to some universities in Materials Engineering and hope to start another Master's degree in the Summer or Fall. I'm also in the process of completing my research for my current Master's. I told my professor I would have a draft of the final report to him by March 15th as my term ends on April 22. I still plan on submitting my astronaut application in April as well. :)


Unknown said...

Compared with this, my week have been so boring... hehe

rawdiswar said...

Hi Damaris,

What scuba class are you taking? I'll be taking the PADI open water course soon, and was wondering if there's anything I should read/do to better prepare myself.

Also did you read about Canadian Astronaut Dave Williams retiring? Hopefully this will prompt the CSA to put out another call for astronauts, which would be encouraging even though I am still too young and attempting to get into a masters program. Always good to see your progress, it's encouraging.

Katie said...

Wow. How do you find time for your work commitments, various applications, SCUBA classes, and research/writing?