Thursday, December 04, 2008

Endeavour to come home to KSC soon!!! :)


Jim said...

Wonderful pictures - you don't see this very often. Any word on when the ferry flight actually will happen and what route the SCA/Shuttle will take back to Florida? I'm interested because occasionally they fly through Davis-Monthan AFB here in Tucson, so it's a great photo opportunity to see it fly over town.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the one thing I'd like to see once, is see the shuttle on the 747. Unfortunately, my boss probably wouldn't understand if I rushed out and took the plane to the US tomorrow, but it must be an amazing sight.

Damaris Sarria Toepel said...

It will leave Edwards Air Force Base Sunday afternoon. The
exact date and time of departure have yet to be determined because of
changing weather conditions and the fluid nature of preparing
Endeavour for this ferry flight. However, the latest information
about the shuttle's ferry flight will be available by calling

Anonymous said...

Damarius, can you give us a tour through one of the Space Shuttles with some pictures. A few useful maps would help. Is there also available an Internet site that that would build on your introduction.

What are your plans considering the site