Wednesday, February 11, 2009

External Tank/Solid Rocket Booster Stack

Yesterday I got to see something a little different. Atlantis' external fuel tank and solid rocket booster (SRB) stack on the mobile launcher platform (MLP).....without the orbiter, of course!

Since the delay of Atlantis' STS-125 flight (now moved to May 12), the Orbiter was removed from the rest of the stack and returned to the Orbiter Processing Facility to continue additional work and modifications while the flight was pushed back. The rest of the stack stayed in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).

These pictures were taken as the stack was moved to another bay within the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) making room for the preparations of Endeavour's stack for STS-127.

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Jeffrey L. Whitledge said...

That is wild! I have never seen that before.