Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Atlantis to Return Tomorrow!

Yesterday's inspections of Atlantis' wing leading edges and nose cap have cleared the heatshield for re-entry. The astronauts are working through a busy Thanksgiving in space testing the shuttle's re-entry systems and packing up for landing tomorrow Kennedy Space Center.

View the STS-129 crew's Thanksgiving greeting from space!


Anonymous said...

may.. the.... blessing...> be .always ....with you............................!!

sidd said...

Hi Damaris,
long time. all is well here. your blogs are interesting and keep me updated about NASA happenings, all launches and shuttle crews.
Its time you kept us all updated with how is your training to make it to the astronaut core going. How are you training, physically and mentally. What subjects you are studying or courses you are taking. things that keep you inspired and motivated. Tell us all about that.
Your keen blog reader,