Friday, December 04, 2009

NASA 2009-2010 Moon Work Design Contest

Listen up college students!!!

NASA has a student design challenge to design tools and instrumentation for human and robotic exploration that will help astronauts perform tasks on the Moon. Students are free to select a task from the following list or propose one of their own:

  • Navigation in the darkness around the Moon's south pole
  • Power supplies for rovers in the dark
  • Sample retrieval and on-site analysis
  • Radiation detection and avoidance
  • Communication with lunar outpost, with orbiters, and with Earth
  • Video capture of sorties for transmission back to Earth
  • Astronaut recovery and transport back to outpost
  • Lunar regolith mitigation strategies for rover and space suits
  • Detect and retrieve water ice for use on the rover

    Interested students should submit a letter of intent to enter the contest by Dec. 15. Final entries for the Moon Work challenge are due May 15, 2010. All entries must be from students at U.S. colleges or universities. Although non-citizens may be part of a team, only U.S. citizens may win NASA internships or travel awards.

    Check out the website for all the guidelines at:

    sidd said...

    do you read my blog comments

    lomejordeesto said...

    Its a great contest, its what we need in order for students to investigate and we never know who has a greater idea than the thousands of PhD so its a good step.

    One more thing My name is Jose I'm in a team who is participating in the Google Lunar Xprize. We are just beginning and I saw you are working currently with Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) so i would like to contact you. So we can talk and maybe you can help us a little because we are actually looking for what materials we need for the robot in the moon for the radiation, cold and hot of the moon. So it would be a great pleasure to help us a little an Aerospace Engineer looking to be an astronaut.
    Thanks, if you want to help us I hope so ;) tell me and next i will comment with my e-mail so them you can erase it and neither of us will have our e-mail posted on the Internet. Thanks and sorry for my english I try my best and good luck in your astronaut journey.

    Christopher Lusardi said...

    I entered this contest for a reality TV show, details below.


    The first two competitions, in episode 1 of the show, will be as follows:

    1. 21 km "half marathon" walk / run / roll.

    50% of entrants will be eliminated in this competition.

    2. team-based boating challenge.

    50% of entrants will be eliminated in this competition.

    The boat challenge operates based on teams but you will be individually scored.

    Christopher Lusardi said...

    This contest might be aboard a Soyuz. Are you entering the contest?

    Here's the hint I found:

    Damaris Sarria Toepel said...

    Hi Sidd!! Yes I read your blog comments! :)

    Jose, definitely send your email and we'll see how I can help you guys out!

    Christopher Lusardi said...

    The Australian TV show may be a fake. But, I'm going to continue to watch the site because it's entertaining.

    Christopher Lusardi said...

    This article says that the is a ride on a Soyuz rocket:

    Christopher Lusardi said...

    Please ask everyone to go to the following site to show support for the contest by enrolling.

    If this TV show goes into production it will be a contest for two winners (from any where in the world) to fly aboard a Soyuz rocket in 2011 and 2012.

    I, myself, have applied and been accepted into the contest. They will next send me a medical questionnaire and affidavit to sign.

    You, yourself, can go to the above link and register, it's a very simple and easy procedure.

    Once you get accepted to the first show, you must compete against other contestants to make it to the second episode.

    There will be at least 8 episodes. The show is to be televised all around the world from 2010 to 2012. Each location will involve at least 2,500 people for the first episode.

    You have to pay all episode 1 expenses yourself. Your expenses will be paid for further episodes by the show.

    The first episode involves a half-marathon followed by a team boating event.

    So, get out your comfortable running shoes, socks, and running suit for a May 2010 half marathon contest.

    Episode 2 will involve games and puzzles.

    The first episode may be shot in the US (maybe Florida), the UK, and Australia. The actual locations have not been finalized.

    The two final Soyuz winners will be taken from the following pools. One contestant will be from the northern hemisphere, and one will be from the southern hemisphere. So, it's really two contests being run in parallel.

    You must be over 18 years of age to participate.

    Here is their blog currently discussing the show:

    Many of the producers and directors blog there. The blog isn't currently being moderated.

    Here is an article about the show:

    You can't win if you don't apply by April 30, 2010.

    r4 said...

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