Friday, January 15, 2010

Merion Elementary School Visit

Today I visited Merion Elementary School in Merion Station, PA. I have to say I had the biggest grin on my face as soon as I walked into the building. On my way to the front office I saw this sign the kids had made to welcome me!

All throughout the school halls there were more signs and in the auditorium as well. Their art work was heartwarming and greatly appreciated! I gave a special presentation to Mrs. Glackman's brilliant 3rd grade class and then to the rest of the elementary school in the auditorium.

The presentations went great and all the kids were engaged! I tried to answer as many questions as possible, but time was limited. I do encourage the parents or students to post their questions as comments and I'll make sure to answer them! I enjoyed today and I know the students did as well. Now I have some wonderful thank you cards to read through from Mrs. Glackman's class! Thanks everyone!!!


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