Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's official, I'm moving to Boston!

Next week, I will be leaving my position with Boeing and trek to Boston to work for the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, Ma.

Earlier today I read my very first blog post and how I felt my first week here at Kennedy Space Center has not changed to this day. I will definitely miss everyone I've worked with, the awesome launches, and the space program! However, this does not mean I am giving up on my dream in becoming an astronaut. The blog will continue! :)

I still plan on being very active in the community, stay a space advocate, and work towards a PhD. Right now, the direction of our space program is a little up in the air, but I know we'll get back on track. I'm also excited that I found a nearby judo club I am going to join so I can continue the sport.

This endeavor will be exciting and I will be supporting the Engineering Analysis group on various projects. Next week is my last week, but I will definitely be blogging during the move process! Thanks to all for the support up to this point. It really means a lot to me!!


kevbayer said...

Congrats on your new job!

You make an excellent space advocate and I'm sure will continue to do so! (Get us back to the moon!)

The Wife and I will be in Boston next weekend too - for PAXEast. A gaming convention and the Hynes Convention Center.

Damaris Sarria Toepel said...

Thanks Kev! Have fun at PAX! My boyfriend works for Harmonix..he would be attending if it weren't for flying down to help me move that weekend!! :)

Laksen Sirimanne said...

Wow! Damaris, a huge congratulations on your new position. What an amazing chance to further you career. You had what appears an exceptional job with Boeing working at KSC and on the shuttle and interacting with NASA JSC. This is another step in the right direction towards your goal in becoming an astronaut. Add up the skill sets (and not all of it needs to be directly related to spaceflight).
Best of luck and best wishes for continued success.

Anthony said...

Congratulations on the new position!

-Anthony of BrainBlog

marcozambi said...

buona fortuna!!! Your friends here in Italy will support you! See you soon :)

Jesse said...

Congrats Damaris. You'll have a great time! I left Boeing in Houston a few months ago. Lots of great memories.

heroineworshipper said...

Sad day. It is a priviledge to work in the now defunct American space program. You got to work on the peak of human achievement.

Another MIT lab, Draper labs, invented a lot of the systems on the space shuttle, in the days before refinancing. The space shuttle designers are long gone but there's probably a lot of shuttle lore there.

Fortunately a $200,000 suborbital flight is now just a home equity line of credit that'll pay itself off in 3 economic stimulus packages.

Stefano said...

Congratulations Damaris!
You talk about endeavor and dreams: the dreams come true also facing the endeavors.
Ad maiora! :)

Katie said...

Congrats on the new position!

I've work literally around the corner (on Hartwell Ave.) for the last 8 years, so please let me know if you have local area-type questions.

Patty said...

Congratulations on your new job! I hope you enjoy Boston, it's a fantastic city.

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Damaris. Can you tell us which disipline you are assigned to?

BrianShiro said...


Congratulations on the new position. You mentioned that you'll be working towards your Ph.D. too. I'm curious what department and field you will choose, as MIT is on my radar for the Ph.D. as well. Best of luck to you with the new life in Boston. How exciting!