Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back To Work Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow will be my first day of work with my new position at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. I have to say that prior to the move the process went real smooth, but once I got here I have just been faced with many little challenges. Luckily, as of today, everything is now in order and I am settled in my apartment. I'm very excited and anxious about starting this new position. I made a big change in my life right now it'll be great to see how this chapter unfolds.

I've been following the STS-131 mission online. I definitely missed being out in Houston with the team for support. The team has been doing a fantastic job (despite the KU band failure) assessing the items of interest. A late mission inspection will still occur which is a final scan of the wing leading edge. Landing is scheduled for April 19!!!


Jerry Critter said...

Congratulations on your new job.

Buzz Ryan said...

I am glad you are adapting well to your new home.

But, just to let you know... Florida is not as bright as it used to be now that you are gone.

Paolo Amoroso said...

Best wishes for your new job and life.

Unknown said...

You got to work at the Kennedy Space Center on the Space Shuttle!

I understand that things are gloomy down there and the end is nigh,'s the Space Shuttle!


Thanks for all of the great photos and stories posted!

They held me over very well until I was able to get a job where I could take some of those, myself!

Best of luck on your new endeavour.

Brian Cleaver said...

Hey Damaris,

Rest assured that some of us ERAU students are fighting for your job! Check out our website at and our blog at

Brian Cleaver

sidd said...

Let the wind take ur sail where you belong.