Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Launch countdown start tomorrow at 5pm!!!!

Starting today is about the day that you may want to be checking this site below more frequently. Hopefully the weather will be good for a launch on saturday. It just finished hailing and storming here in orlando!!

The countdown tomorrow starts at 5pm. This is where the excitement starts y'all!

Before Discovery takes off, I am going to try to get a picture of her sitting out on the launch pad. Hope everyone is having a great week!



David Royall said...

I will have to watch from a distance. Mechanical problems will keep us at home. See this link.
But we will watch on TV and follow along on the website you recommended.
Godspeed to the flyers aboard Discovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Damaris, from another Boeing employee in Houston, we keep hearing the weather is going to be the one show stopper to watch for, but for me, I think next week makes more sense, for more than just the weather. Any comments?

BTW LOVE your blog - keep at it, you'll get there! MARS OR BUST!

Anonymous said...

Finally back in action! I can't wait to watch her fly! Good luck to the crew, see you when you get back :)


mark_smith said...

Good Luck to all the crew and NASA