Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tile Coupon Samples Coming Out Of The Oven

wish you guys all could have been here to do this. First of all, I wasn't able to get pictures of me making my tiles. but i did want to show you this. This is just a test coupon of the material (silica) that the tiles are made of. The pictures shown here are of tiles coupons in the oven at 2200 degrees fahrenheit!!! It was hard to get good pictures because the camera was acting up due to the low light. the ones of me holding the sample coupon did not come out good. Basically, after the tile is coated (black ceramic coating), it goes into the oven to cure the coating, then it is waterproofed. When these coupons come out of the oven, the middle of the sample are hot, but the edges are cool enough to hold, just how one of the techs here is holding. But imagine that.. coming out of the oven at 2200 degrees F, and touching it with your bare hands...!!! :) Too cool.


Anonymous said...

Amazing technology - bet that tech can drink hot coffee!

Igor said...

It's safe to touch with your hands, but I don't see your hands on these shots ? :-)


David Royall said...

Wow...that is amazing.
Heck, I even hestitate to touch aluminum foil that has just come out of a 300 degree oven.

Anonymous said...

So we're all go for the 1 July... are the tiles ready?