Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let's try this again....

Today i had to provide engineering support so i was at work early enough to beat the traffic of everyone coming to view the launch. However, due to weather and then a boat being in restricted area, the launch did not happen. At work we really though the shuttle was going to take off today because there were absolutely no clouds over the shuttle and on the coast side...but there were some heavy clouds inland. There cannot be heavy clouds within a 25 mile radius of the launch site. Not only is it for visibility, but it is also incase something goes wrong and an abort mode, such as the Return to Launch Site (RTLS) is approved. This is a very dangerous abort mode.

But guess what?! I did get to see Vice President Dick Cheney. While we were working, he was given a quick mini-tour of the obiter processing facility. There were secret service guys all over the place and security was very tight.

Well tomorrow i will be back at work and wait to see if we launch at 3:26 pm. I've been watching the weather channel and it says we're going to have afternoon showers. We'll see, but keep your fingers crossed!! :)

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