Monday, July 03, 2006

We have ACCEPTABLE launch conditions. "Go" for STS-121!!!

We are go for launch everyone!!! Here are some pictures of the foam that was evaluated. A borescope was used to inspect the crack and they have evaluated and run further analysis to determine that we can proceed with the launch tomorrow! (yey!)

I did want to mention this: NASA has public phone numbers in the case that if you're unable to listen to NASA TV when they have the press conferences even during the launch countdown, these lines are available at "monitor only". you can call it and just listen in. Its exactly whats being said during on the television. Now there isn't something being said every minute, so if you don't hear something then try back because they may just have the cameras on the shuttle and not be saying anything. 321/867-1220, 321/867-1240, or 321/867-1260

Almost forgot to share some pictures of discovery on the launch pad!!!! Enjoy!


mark_smith said...

Just over an hour before launch now cant wait. Good luck to everyone involved. Brillant pictures.


David Royall said...

Well done, Damaris and company....

mark_smith said...

Well done to everyone involved see you in 13 days Discovery