Sunday, March 04, 2007

The BEST Friday EVER thanks to Ridley High School!!!!

On Friday, I got home late from work and was extremely exhausted! However, when I went to get the mail, I found a thick envelope that contained thank you letters from each Ridley High School student that sat through the presentation I did for them during National Engineers Week. This posting is a special 'thank you' to each and every student who took the time in writing such kind words. Many asked questions relating to my career, engineering, or the Space Shuttle, and I plan on taking the time in answering each letter as each of the students took the time to thank me. I wish I could post all of the comments from the students because they were so inspiring, and I read how my presentation had an impact on their future decisions. Below are just a few (and I mean a few, of the comments:

Dear Ms. Sarria,
Thank you very much for coming all the way from Florida to come to talk to us about your job. I thought it was the most interesting guest speaker we had by far. It was also really neat to see how you are a young woman in such a high field. I really look up to you for that. I thought the coolest thing you talked about was experiencing zero gravity when you proposed that experiment. That is something I would seriously want to do because of my love for roller coasters. Ever since I was little I had always wanted to go to space or even just be in a space ship when it launched. I hope that some day you will be lucky enough to be able to go to space. Good Luck! And thank you once again.
Sincerely, Keely Emery

Dear Ms. Sarria,
Thank you for coming to Ridley High School to tell us about your job. I think it is really cool how you are a rocket scientist. I can not believe I just met a woman who has already achieved so much in her life. I think the zero gravity experiment was interesting. That would be fun to try when I get older. Thank you so much for coming to my school.
Sincerely, Sarah Rutter

Dear Ms. Sarria,
Thank you for coming to talk to our class. You were much better than the stock broker who put us all to sleep. Good luck becoming an astronaut. Thanks again.
Sincerely, Jeff Dugan
P.S Can you take this letter to space

Dear Miss Sarria,
Thank you for taking the time to fly out of state and talk to us about your career and background. I think that an Aerospace Engineer might have fun doing that job because they get to work with all parts of the Orbiter. I thought that the tiles were neat. In addition, it was interesting how your group of students were able to run experiments on a special plane. I think engineering is a cool field because I used to build robots for school and it's amazing that you can build so many things. I know people who worked for Boeing and some were engineers on some of their projects and it is fun to talk to them about what they do. When I am older, I plan to go into the engineering or medical field. Thank you again for coming to talk to us and good luck with your career and applying to be an astronaut.
Sincerely, Tim Kirk

Dear Ms. Sarria,
Thanks so much for coming to our school and teaching us about rocket science stuff. It is very interesting that a one inch piece of tile can sustain that high amount of heat. I never knew that rocket science can be so much fun!! After your presentation, I was thinking about joining a team from NASA. I have a question though, was it hard for you to become a rocket scientist? Well keep up the good work and hopefully you'll go into space.
Sincerely, Reed Anderson

Dear Ms. Sarria,
Thank you for coming and talking about your career as a Space Shuttle Orbiter Thermal Protection Systems Engineer at Kennedy Space Center. It seems as if you enjoy your job very much and it is an awesome career to have. It must be amazing working on parts of the space shuttle that actually go into space. I really look up to you for being a minority, as a woman in this field. I know for sure I would like to be some kind of engineer. Your presentation made me very interested in what you do and I am thinking about going to college for it. I have a few questions for you. Do you enjoy what you do? If so, how much? What are some of the classes you had to take in college? When you graduated high school, did you know what you wanted to be? I wish you luck in your goal of becoming an astronaut.
Sincerely, Brigette McGinn


Unknown said...

Haha, I love how all those kids kept calling you a rocket scientist. My mom gets so mad when I say that.

Anonymous said...

You deserve ALL of their praise!