Monday, January 21, 2008

STS-120 crew visits Italy!

Massimo Martini was able to get this shot of the STS-120 crew members when they visited Italy.....but of course home to Paolo Nespoli!!!

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Unknown said...

Just saying Hi and good luck for your dream! I can understand it since we share the same one and I have been in October in US for the first time in my life, from Rome, Italy, to see the launch of STS-120. I am happy to have found a blog of someone sharing my same passion :) I'm a masters student in astronautical engineering like you and I have applied for ph.d. at mit for this fall. and i'm making my way like you for the ultimate goal of becoming an astronaut, although for me as european is quite difficult. If you want to check my blog i've got some nice pics of ksc during my visit ( / agolkar) and from when I go flying, you're more than welcome .. i'm a ppl pilot as well :)

Greetings from Rome, Italy!