Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back from Seattle!!

I just returned from Seattle from my niece's first birthday and baptism. Everything went well and I stayed very busy with my family. The last time I saw my niece Haley, she was 3 months old. Her baby fat hasn't stretched out yet so one side of my back still hurts from carrying her around.

I did however manage to break away and go to Crystal Mountain on Monday. The slopes were absolutely AWESOME and playing the snow was so fulfilling for me. Since I went on a Monday and not not during the peak season, it was not very crowded so I felt like I had the mountain all to myself. I took my niece, Ashley, skiing for the first time. For a 4-year old she really enjoyed the snow and did great on the slopes with her "pizza" and "french fry" ski positions. It was great!

The next day, even though my legs were quite sore, I visited St. George's Catholic School for three presentations. I'll post some pictures on my visit to the school in a bit. On the plane ride home, I took this picture. It's a beautiful shot of Mt. Rainier. I miss Seattle and the snow already.

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