Saturday, June 14, 2008

Discovery Lands and Microgravity Tomorrow

We had a successful landing today of Discovery. I was not at KSC at the time of landing as I was attending a training class for my microgravity flight tomorrow. I am to report at noon and we will receive our flight suits and be briefed before the flight. On my way home from the training, I saw locals and tourists awaiting Discovery's landing along the road and at nearby parks. I pulled over to hear the sonic boom and watch Discovery land.

Here are some other pictures from landing and Discovery's track into the Orbiter Processing Facility.


Anonymous said...

It's amazzzing!!

Andy said...

Looked like the launch, mission and landing had little or no hiccups. It is so great to see a mission that was carried out by the book.

As cool as the ISS is, I'm psyched to see the next mission to Hubble. Day 3 grapple will be exciting, and I can't wait to see the new photography of Hubble since STS-109

Anonymous said...

I am so gald that they returned safely.

Miguel Lopes said...

Were all photos taken by you? The helicopter one? I'd like to use it on my blog.