Wednesday, June 18, 2008

International Space University

Next week I will be in Barcelona, Spain!!! I was selected to represent the Boeing Space Exploration Division in attending the International Space University's 2-month Space Studies Summer Program.

There will be a wide variety of lectures, activities, team projects, and workshops related to space. The program will give me an interdisciplinary and international perspective of the space sector and the global professional network.

Altogether, this will be a major experience for me on many levels. First all, I have never even traveled out of the country, so I am definitely excited for that! I am looking forward to meeting new friends and collaborating with the international scientific community. This weekend is going to be devoted to packing and getting all my last minute travel stuff taken care of.


Anonymous said...

How very exciting for you. You must be impressing some of the "suits" at Boeings.

Anonymous said...


Barcelona is a *really* beautiful city, I hope you like it over here and have a good time.

Unknown said...

Barcelona! Ohhh... I'm in Madrid =(

Do you need some help with spanish? "Hola" "Buenos días" "¿Por dónde se va a mi hotel?"

Enjoy your visit, Barcelona is a great city. So hot in summer... and full of tourists :P

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Congratulations!
I'm from Portugal, and I'm very glad for you! I think it is a very good opurtunity!
I want to ask you something if that is ok.
I want to be an astronaut but I don't know what studies I should have.
Can you help me with a post or something?

Thank you
Big Kiss
(Sorry for my English!)

marcozambi said...

Dress reharsal for your next trip here in Italy? :D
Well, just remember to keep your belt fasten. I don't think they're goin' to test 0G conditions :D

sidd said...

all the best damaris

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best in Spain.

Dan Armstrong said...

aaah, very jealous. have been trying to plan in the time to attend ISU's summer and even year programmes, but just cannot get the break. and yes, barcelona is quite hot these days! so watch it :) the harbour and olympic park are good places to cool off.. i will be driving through there on the way to valencia next week myself.

best regards, and good luck in europe!

dan (amsterdam)

King Of Sports said...

Hey Damaris,

My name is Raheel Ramzanali and I am the producer for the Ken Hoffman show on 1560 The Game here in Houston, TX. Congrats on going to Spain! I just came across your blog and found it to be very fascinating. I wanted to see if you had a few minutes for a quick interview to promote your blog and to talk about your goals on the Ken Hoffman show. The show is on-air every Weekday from 12-2pm. Please let me know if you have some time. Thank you!


Red said...

Don't forget to try the pealla(sp?) while you are there. And congratualtions.

Unknown said...

Is called "paella", Red :P

The "ll" is pronounced... hmmmm... like the "j" of "japanese", so for english speakers is pronounced "paeja" :)

BrianShiro said...

I hope you have a great ISU experience. I attended the ISU SSP05 in Vancouver and can't tell you enough how positive it was for me. It will change your outlook on space!