Friday, September 18, 2009

Discovery to leave California Sunday!

Discovery's cross-country piggyback ride atop a modified Boeing 747 jet from Edwards Air Force Base in California to Kennedy Space Center in Florida will begin Sunday. The exact time of departure has yet to be set because of changing weather conditions which will be assessed tomorrow. For the latest status about ferry flight, you can call 321-867-2525 or 661-276-2564.

Some blog readers asked how they could view a take off from Edwards AFB. The following was all I could find, so I hope this helps. Takeoff occurs from the main runway (Runway 04) toward the northeast, although a wind shift could mandate a change to Runway 22 to the southwest.

"The main base area of Edwards Air Force Base will not be open to the public for viewing of the shuttle's ferry flight takeoff. However, the 747-shuttle combination may be visible after a Runway 04 takeoff just north of the base in the Boron and North Edwards areas. The east lakeshore viewing site off Mercury Boulevard on the east side of Rogers Dry Lake will also be open to the public, although it is some distance from the takeoff point."