Monday, May 21, 2007

Back from D.C....but now off to Houston

I had a great time in Washington D.C. I did not get to do much sightseeing but my group and I were definitely busy with our appointments. Most of our appointments were with the Senators and Representatives from Virginia, and a Senator from Nevada. In each appointment, we took turns expressing ourselves of the benefits of NASA and how they have impacted our lives.

I now have to go pack to catch a flight to Houston. Tomorrow I will be participating in a mission simulation with the LESS (Leading Edge Subsystem) group which will involve inspecting in-flight imagery for any discrepancies on the RCC (Reinforced Carbon-Carbon). RCC is used to protect the Orbiter's nose cap, chin panel, and wing leading edges from the highest expected temperatures and aerodynamic forces. It also is used in the arrowhead area at the forward section of the orbiter where the external tank is attached. I'm very interested in learning more with the LESS group as I have mostly been involved with the TPS imagery. I go to pack and catch another plane... :)

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