Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Shuttle Launch Experience at the KSC Visitor Complex!

Yesterday I attended the grand opening of the new ride, The Shuttle Launch Experience, at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. It was a very nice event. It started off with an intro from Dan LeBlanc, COO of the KSC Visitor Complex, and he recognized all the companies who helped with the success of this new attraction. A parade of flags followed, as well as singing of the National Anthem, and a briefing from Jeff Kottkamp, Lieutenant Governor of Florida. Then, John Young and Bob Crippen introduced 36 other astronauts. The ceremony proceeded with the ribbon cutting and the 38 astronauts ventured into the ride first. Following the astronauts, I had the opportunity to test out the ride. IT WAS AWESOME! Charlie Bolden is the host during the ride and he really does a great job. There was humor built in to it as well as an educational aspect that really teaches one about the critical stages during launch. What I loved most about the ride was the takeoff. The seat was vibrating to simuate launch and I could definitely feel my cheeks flapping. (However that could be because I was born with big cheeks. Ha ha!) The simulated microgravity feeling was cool too. Definitely a ride you'd want to check out!!!!!

The astronauts that were present yesterday were:
John Young, Bob Crippen, Jack Lousma, Hank Hartsfield, Story Musgrave, John Fabian, Norm Thagard, Guy Bluford, Hoot Gibson, Bruce McCandless, Mike Mullane, Jon McBride, Loren Shriver, Don Williams, Jeff Hoffman, John Creighton, Roy Bridges, John-David Bartoe, Charlie Bolden, Bob Cenker, Bob Springer, Mark Lee, John Blaha, Pierre Thuot, Sam Gemar, Bruce Melnick, Andy Allen, Mike (Rich) Clifford, Rick Searfoss, Bill Gregory, Sam Durrance, Kevin Kregal, Fred Leslie, Winston Scott, Roger Crouch, Greg Linteris, Buzz Aldrin, and Al Worden!!


mark_smith said...

Great pictures noticed the entrance to the ride is like the platform on the launch pad :)


Damaris Sarria Toepel said...

yes it is. I thought that was clever.

kevbayer said...

Cool. I saw a news article about that grand opening.

mark_smith said...

Roll on the 8th June :)