Monday, May 14, 2007

Off to Washington D.C.....

27 teams have been organized by the Citizens for Space Exploration for their annual Congressional office visits to show and voice their support for Vision for Space Exploration. My flight leaves in the morning and I still need to pack. I've been working on school all weekend so I don't get behind while I'm in D.C.

Let me tell you about Saturday....I participated in the 2007 Muddy Buddy and it was a blast! Except for one thing....
The race was supposed to be a Bike/Run type of trail. I started off running and my "buddy" started off biking. Obviously, he would reach the first obstacle course, drop the bike, and run to the next obstacle course. Then I would finish the first obstacle course and jump on the bike to ride to the next one so we could switch out. However, it didn't quite work out that way. At the first obstacle course, I couldn't find the bike!!! I spent 15 minutes looking for it. So I had to run to the next course....As I was hoping that my "buddy" and the bike would be there after I completed the second obstacle course, I was so wrong. I spent about another 10 minutes looking for the bike and had to keep on running. Mind you, its about 1.5 miles between each obstacle. So I'm a little tired at this point and frustrated as other teams are at least getting the "break" from running by switching off to the bike. I finally arrive to the 3rd obstacle and found my "buddy"!! It just so happened that some lady took off with our bike and hydration pack! She thought it was hers, which I didn't understand because our race number was on the bike! So I finally get my one chance on the bike and when I reached the 4th obstacle, it was back to running until I reached the 5th obstacle...THE MUD PIT. The person who arrived with the bike at the obstacle had to wait for the runner teammember and it was required to crawl through the mud pit together before reaching the finish line. The obstacle courses were really cool: balance beams, rock wall/ropes, rope wall/slide, and over/under bars. It was such a great event. However, I am a little sore! I didn't take my camera so I am waiting for my friend to send me pictures of us during the event. I'm still trying to get the mud stains out of my running gear.

::UPDATE:: Space Shuttle Atlantis will be rolling out on Wednesday around 4am!!! Don't be surprised however when you see the External Tank looking a little "speckled"!

Everyone have a great week. I'll be sure to post up pictures of Muddy Buddy when I get them...but for sure be prepared for some Washington D.C pictures during the week!!!

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