Thursday, November 13, 2008

1 Day Until STS-126 Launch!

So far we're go for launch tomorrow. We now have a 70% chance of favorable weather for launch!! Be sure to keep up with live mission updates as we get closer to the countdown:

I have some friends that I met over the summer from ISU's Space Studies Program in Barcelona, Spain. They're visiting from the Washington D.C. area, Canada, Spain, and Germany and this will be the first launch experience for most. We will all be watching the launch from the beach. It will be a good mini-reunion before I head out to Houston!


Anonymous said...

From a Seattle organic food store, I will buy some of that healthy tuna (not too expensive [$9/can] and definately not too cheap [$1/can]), organic soft tofu cheese (first time for me), organic mayonaze, and some organic high fiber non-wheat bread to make a few toasted healthy sandwichs. It's all got to be low calorie!

If anyone else wants a good sandwich and can't get all of the above ingredients they can substitute any of the following recommended cheeses: Gouda, Provolone, Havarti, or Jack, etc.

And, if you really want to go full tilt you could add tiny bits of finely chopped celery or onions.

Anonymous said...

Here is a mini-mystery that I want to share. While watching the NASA
public channel on the University of Washington channel in
Seattle, I think I saw someone who was probably a pre-astronaut.

When the Astro Van stopped outside of Launch Control, there
was an attractive young woman walking across the television

There was no close-ups of her, but she had on a black armless top,
light colored pants, and wore heavy dark glasses. Her hair was
in a sloppy pigtail fashion. She had with her a black shoulder
bag. The bag wasn't big enough for a large camera!

The time was 4:16 eastern, I believe.

Who was this mystery woman.