Friday, November 28, 2008

Endeavour Undocks from the ISS

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving with family or friends. The crew of Endeavour and the International Space Station spent Thanksgiving together onboard the ISS. This morning at 9:47am EDT, Endeavour undocked from the ISS to make its way home.

This afternoon, we have some engineers from our group that are at Johnson Space Center to to carry out a final inspection of the Orbiter's reinforced carbon carbon nose cap and wing leading edge panels. The final inspection ensures no damage from space debris has occurred since the inspection performed the day after launch.

Landing is scheduled for Sunday Nov. 30 at 1:19 p.m. EST on runway 15.

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Anonymous said...

I cooked my natural petite turkey (8 pounds) and ate the whole thing in less than a day minus some skin!

Man did I feel uncomfortable about all those talented astronauts eating small Thanksgiving meals.

Another regret that I have is I should have left the turkey in a pot full of distilled water with a little salt over night. It would have made it more moist and less dry.

Finally. my big outrage is I have to weight myself Monday afternoon.

I want to wish good luck to Mike and everyone else aboard the ISS,

I also have a small crush on Sandy. It's temporary. I'll get over it soon. It's must have been the pigtail!

And, I'd like to wish Endeavour a safe and speedy return home.

Thanks for all the good memories,