Sunday, November 16, 2008

Successful Launch of Endeavour

Watching the launch from the beach was so awesome!! It was such a clear night that I was able to see the solid rocket booster separation. I'm currently in Houston and we're about to get the photos that the ISS crew will be taking of the Endeavour's Thermal Protection System (TPS). We'll then inspect the TPS for any anomalies.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I would take classes at the University of Huntsville, I drove passed a life-sized version of the Space Shuttle and a Saturn rocket. Huntsville is a city surrounding a US Army base. The university was started by NASA and has mainly night students! One of the things that I noticed on the Army base was during the year there would be school busses all over the place. I think they were "Space Camp" people, or visitors to the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, not sure.
If you ever go into the Army base you see signs saying NASA. The NASA center is on Rideout Road and Martin Road etc. There is a new Visitor's Center at the main gate.