Friday, September 11, 2009

Discovery Lands!

Discovery landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Touchdown occurred at 8:53 p.m. EDT. I'm glad the STS-128 crew made it home safely! To get Discovery back to Kennedy Space Center, a ferry flight atop a 747 carrier jet will occur in about a week. Given the heavy weight of the orbiter with the Leonardo module in its payload bay, four refueling stops and at least one overnight stop are planned.


Marcel-Jan Krijgsman said...

Wednesday I'm going on holiday in California. I might just make it in time from San Francisco to Edwards. Any idea how you can watch the 747-shuttle stack? Does that also count for a non-US civilian?

(Any other space-related tips for my holiday?)

heroineworshipper said...

Can U top Gene Blevins wide shot of the landing approach?

LA Daily News only releases the tiniest thumbnails.

Richard Par said...

I went to Edwards AFB on Friday to watch Discovery land! Unfortunately, I was 5 miles from the my pics of the shuttle isn't as awesome as the one posted on your blog. In fact, Discovery shows up as a black dot in my pics. :( :p

So envious that you work for NASA!