Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meeting Day

Today, the Coalition for Space Exploration held the annual board meeting. It was the first meeting that I have been able since I was given the position to serve on the board. Many great representatives of the board were in attendance at the meeting. Currently, the Coalition for Space Exploration collaborates with a marketing group that helps them with ways to engage the public on the importance of space exploration. The marketing group presented the 2008 proposal with fresh ideas that could be incorporated into the coalition. The discussion we had was great because we recieved insight from the Gen Y members, educators, and the government affairs officers. As a Gen Y member, we really came into play during the topic of utilizing certain social medias such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Second Life, etc.

After the meeting ended, I was thinking about changing my flight to leave that night. But I thought to myself 'why would I want to rush myself, get to the airport, then drive home around midnight'? So I ended up going running on Mt. Vernon Trail again, got a couple snapshots along the trail, and headed home fully rested the next morning. :)

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