Wednesday, September 12, 2007

With some of the Gen Y Board Members

As soon as I landed in Virginia, I was jealous of the beautiful weather. I made sure I packed my running gear, because rain or shine, I was making myself get out there today. It was gorgeous outside, breezy and no humidity. I ended up running on Mt. Vernon Trail after I checked into the hotel. The trail is along the Potomac River and you can see the Washington Monument and Capital at a near distance.

Tonight, a reception was held where I met some of the Board of Advisors for the Coalition for Space Exploration. It was held in an awesome Lockheed Martin facility where they have mock ups of the certain projects such as the Stardust satellite, the Genesis probe, etc.

Below is a picture of myself with some of the Gen Y members.

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Kevin Olivier said...

Hello Damaris!,

My name is Kevin and I am extremely excited for you. I also wanted to say that I love in Florida and am extremely interested in becoming an astronaut also. Actually, I base my whole future around being the first to get to Mars. I have shaped my schooling around it, and am planning on shaping my college. I would love to go to Embry Riddle college, but unfortunatly when I called them today, they don't offer big scholarships. Although I have all bright futures, they don't fully cover private institutions :(. Anyways i would love to talk to you and ask you many questions about your work. If you want to contact me, my email address is

Thank you so much!