Thursday, February 07, 2008

So far so good......

The ECO sensor system is operating successfully this morning. We will still be waiting until about another hour until the sensors are cycled once the tank filling is completed. Weather is still an issue, but outside right now, it looks acceptable. Rain showers associated with the approaching cold front are about 45 miles away. That front is expected to be directly over Kennedy Space Center at launch time this afternoon. Right now I am headed to do a live radio interview with a spanish station CARACOL 1260. I'm a little nervous!


mark_smith said...

Great lift off :)


Miguel Lopes said...

Hi, just a short question - there's been all these ECO sensor issues over the past few flights, and now apparently NASA took some more time to sort things out. Do you know if the issue has been definitively identified and resolved?

Keep up the excellent work, and post more pics!