Monday, February 11, 2008

STS-122: Flight Day 5

Yesterday a focused inspection of the lifted blanket gave us much better shots. Based on the photos we are clearly able to see that it is only a corner that is slightly lifted and more accurate measurements of the protruding corner have been taken. Tonight, analysts will be wrapping up their assessment of the condition. We performed a blanket pull test on a test panel we created last night with appropriate loading. The final decision will be announced tomorrow, but so far things are looking promising to fly back with the blanket in its current condition. We'll wait for the final word tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

What's the word on Schlegel? Is he better? NASA has been oddly silent on the topic.

I took my kids outside tonight to watch Atlantis and the ISS pass overhead. We do that for every mission. :)

Janet said...

Just wanted to chime in that my husband and I have been watching the Atlantis + ISS combination passing overhead from our back garden here in the UK. Fabulous sight!

I REALLY enjoy your site...just don't send you many comments. Keep up the great work, as SO MANY of us enjoy your writing and photos!


Miguel Lopes said...

To a layman such as myself, this looks much less serious than the tile damage seen in the first Shuttle missions, for instance in STS 1 there was a whole bunch of lost tiles a bit more in front of that area, and it was ok in the end.

Administrador said...

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