Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thank You Merion Elementary!!

Today I recieved some thank you letters from Mrs. Glackman's class at Merion Elementary. I loved the comments and hope to be back there next year to share more stories with the students. Here are some comments the kids wrote:

"Thank you for coming!! The decal and launch picture are awesome! They are great for my collection. The experiment we made with you was SO cool!! It was so interesting because one was waterproofed and when you put water on it, the water would turn into a kind of blob. And the other one would just absorb all the water and that one would end up being heavier. The slide show went really well! I just want to say thanks for visiting our class and school. You're awesome. I really so think you will be an astronaut one day!! Sincerely, Molly G."

"We loved your demonstration and all the other stuff you showed us. Next time you go on the vomit comet, bring four bags and not two. Good luck on becoming an astronaut. From, Daniel"

"I really enjoyed your visit, and I hope you liked visiting us too. Your experiment was really fun (and messy, but I like messy). The slide show that you showed about your job was cool too. I know you will get on a mission some day and I wish you luck. Your friend, Sophie"

"Thanks for coming to our school. Today we saw your blog and the slide show too. I saw of photo of me. I loved the experience of holding a piece of blanket, a heat resistant tile, and the waterproofed tile and the non-waterproofed tiles. I think you would make a fantastic astronaut. Reach for the stars! From, Izzy"

"I really liked your coming to my class, it was fun and interesting. I'd like it if you'd come back next year. The slide show was awesome because I learned something like the nose of the orbiter has the strongest protection. The experiment was too because the water stayed on one tile and on the other it soaked in. I still have one question for you: was there anyone who inspired you to become an astronaut? I hope that you become an astronaut. Your friend, Devlin E."

I want to send a GIGANTIC thank you to all the students who took the time to write these generous comments. To answer Devlin's question, I was first inspired by former Astronaut Susan Helms! She has a career of many accomplishments and she has inspired me since I was in 8th grade.

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