Friday, February 01, 2008

A week of Rememberance

This week is a week of rememberance for the lives lost in each tragedy: Apollo 1 (January 27th, 1967), Challenger (Januaru 28th, 1986), and Columbia (February 1st, 2003). Difficult lessons have been learned and we have also achieved great accomplishments of human spaceflight holding safety as our first priority.


marcozambi said...

Godspeed to these brave women and men.
January is a bad month for astronautics...

Anonymous said...

We went to the JSC when I was a senior in HS. Ron McNair spoke.

Miguel Lopes said...

Heroes, all.

At the time, I was especially touched by the Challenger tragedy. Still am to this day, have a photo of the crew in one of my rooms.

I've created a small tribute page dedicated to Judy Resnik, you can find it here: