Sunday, July 06, 2008

International Space University 2008


sidd said...

how i wish to go places like you are going.. [=P]

sidd said...

143000 blog hits! *applause*

Anonymous said...

Hola Damaris,

This is from the far east, Tokyo.

I love your site and SSP updates,
as well as I admire your work as
a Thermal Protection Systems Engineer.

I'd like to hear more about
your work one of these days.

Best wishes,

Klaix said...

Such a long time following you in your career, and you finally came to Barcelona (yes, that's actually my home :P). Hope you will enjoy this stay, the beach, and remember that who makes Barcelona so special is the people! As a funny stuff, have you noticed that the area where UPC campus is placed is actually named "SarriĆ "?? ahahhahaha!

Dan Armstrong said...

Hey there -

Seems like you are having fun on your trip : ) I hope that the ISU summer session is going great!!

On my was to Spain/Andorra, coincidentally, I was at the ISU in Strasbourg last week in an intake interview and tour, seemed like a pretty nice bunch of people, if I must say so. I mentioned you, and the Boeing Space Exploration Division, and they knew of your involvement. Not many people in Strasbourg, I think everyone was in Barcelona!

Good luck,


Red said...

Wow, so many smart people, all toghter at one spot. Just Wow!!!

Hope you are enjoying your time over there.

Anonymous said...


I do hope you enjoy the summer school.

You and your colleagues may find the following book useful - It's ONLY Rocket Science - An Introduction in Plain English by Dr Lucy Rogers, Published by Springer.

It's all about rocket science - but with no maths. Some universities are recommending it for their 1st year astronautics courses.

See for more details, extracts and how to buy.

Thanks, and good luck with the astronaut application.

Lucy Rogers