Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Week 2 at ISU

We have only started week 2 and there is just a vast amount of information coming through that I need to start reviewing and studying for. On July 28th, we have a 4-hour exam that will cover all of the lectures and workshops we have been attending.

This week we are covering topics related to space telecommunications, the evolution of certain space activities, international space exploration, space life sciences, and satellite communication systems and regulations. (...and this is just to name a few of the lectures!!!) We also had a tutorial in a great software program called Satellite Tool Kit (STK). I used it before when I was in college, but it was good to revisit the program and understand the orbits once again.

Today we were assigned our team project. The students have been divided into three teams based on their top two choices of team project topics. The choices were Lunar X-Prize, Spaceports, and Volcanos. We found out our team assignments today and I am in Spaceports (which was my first choice). Now this is going to be what I will be focusing on during the entire month of August.

Specifically with the spaceports topic, we will generating a report that will propose viable models of commercial spaceports for space tourism. However, we need to get down to the details which will have to include international/national laws and regulations, economic benefit for the region, set requirements for air traffic zones, propellant storage, economic impact on the community, runway requirements for vehicles to be operated out of the spaceport...and the list goes on and on and on...

There are a total of 39 people in the group that will be compiling this report. We have been participating in some teamwork building skills and lectures and it has only really made me realize that this is going to be a big challenge for everyone. We all come from different backgrounds and have and different skill levels, but most importantly, a lot of the students here have had or are used to leadership positions. It will be a challenge for many to cooperate and work together with such a large group. Regardless, we are all excited about the topic and tomorrow is our first meeting as a group to start things off.

This Friday the students from the United States will be giving a 15 minute presentation at Cultural Night. We meet tomorrow to discuss what we're going to present. We were going to throw fireworks on July 4th, but it was really light outside before we all headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe. This Friday, we're definitely going to put on a show with our fireworks. :)

And now I leave you with a snapshot of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Poble Nou.

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sidd said...

wow..seems like you finally got a lot of work on your hand!..keep blogging though..spaceports-gt topic.