Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Visit to Lleida Airport Site

Today the students who will be writing a final report on the topic of Spaceports visited an airport construction site near Lleida. We will be creating a business plan specifically in this region to evaluate the location for a spaceport. Here are some pictures from today's visit.

The airport construction site!

With the Mayor of Lleida and the group of Spaceports!

The women of the group with the project co-chair..and me on the runway!

It's 1:28 am and we just got in from the bus ride back. It's definitely time for bed!


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing really great and I know that everything you trying to achieve is going to become a reality not because is a dream that you had like the beginning Its a real positive form of thinking that you had made of it.You go for it Girl Your Dad

sidd said...

wow...ur work totally rocks!! so less ppl get to work on what they really enjoy glad you are one of them

Anonymous said...

This airport is already finished, and the first comercial trip will be in february of 2010 to Frankfurt
I heard somewhere that there could take place space trips, i don't know if it finally will.
As an inhabitant of Lleida I hope you visit it again :)
best wishes with everything you do