Sunday, July 13, 2008

U.S Cultural Night

Tomorrow starts the beginning of week 3 at ISU. Tonight I am review the past two weeks of lectures as we have a big exam at the end of the month. On Friday we had a Cultural Night were selected countries give a 15 minute presentation about where they are from and about the culture of their respective country.

On Friday, the following countries presented: Austria, Turkey, Ireland, and the United States. Our presentation went really well and we passed out some NASA pins and space-related souvenirs. We also had some audience participation in doing the YMCA and the hokey pokey. We showed some line-dancing, went over some movies, music, and pop culture..oh and of course..sports, where we also tied in cheerleading. :)

Best of all were the fireworks we were able to find here in Barcelona. The fireworks ended the night perfectly and let us celebrate a belated 4th of July the right way! Everyone enjoyed all of the presentations and we really look forward to the upcoming ones.

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Anonymous said...

nice shirt...funny, didn't think a Cali girl repped for the dirty motor city of Detroit, Michigan. Ah,the many faces of "D" as in Damaris.