Thursday, July 31, 2008

Visit with Astronaut Michael Gernhardt

Today in the Life Sciences Department, Astronaut Michael Gernhardt presented some absolutely awesome things he's been working on. He's the founder of Oceaneering Space Systems, a professional deep see diver, and currently NASA's lead for extravehicular physiology systems and performance projects. He gave us a great insight on his design for Small Pressurized Rovers (SPR) to be utilized for astronauts to explore the Moon's surface. I couldn't find a picture of the most updated conceptual design as he showed in his presentation today, but this is what an older design looks like: photo

He also brought in an EVA glove and older astronaut suit helmet that I just had to try on. :)


The Chemist said...

Was the Eva glove and helmet out in space? I know it doesn't really change anything about them, they don't gain any "spaciness" but it would be so cool if they were.

sidd said...

Astronaut Michael Gernhardt thats a guy one can look up to!! what a guy..just been reading about him..